An Paidrin Beag The Little Rosary Made of Connemara Marble Beads

An Paidrin Beag The Little Rosary Made of Connemara Marble Beads


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This is a replica of the Single-decade Rosary used in Ireland in the Penal days. In the Irish language, “Paidrin” means Rosary and “Beag” means small. An Paidrin Beag is therefore a uniquely Irish Rosary. It did not come about purely as a convenience, though it is small enough to use in your pocket as you sit on the bus or go for a walk on a cold day. This very personal, single decade of the Rosary dates back to the Penal times when it was forbidden to practice the Catholic faith in Ireland. This suppression only served to increase the faith of the Irish people. Priests lived in hiding and Mass was celebrated on the open hillsides and the people found more and more ways of continuing their devotions without being detected. An Paidrin Bead is one result of their determined ingenuity. Made of genuine Connemara Marble found only in the west of Ireland these beads reflect the many greens of the Irish countryside. The strength and simplicity of the Irish Rosary was famous in monastic times. This decade is made with the same beauty, tradition and strength and will be you friend for many years to come. Just as no two beads are the same in color, no two rosaries are the same in shades of green. Some beads have brown shades and some even have shades of gray. This Rosary measures 10.5″ long with the Celtic Crucifix measuring 1.5″ long.

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