Sterling Silver Manatee Pendant Encrusted with Peridot Crystals

Sterling Silver Manatee Pendant Encrusted with Peridot Crystals


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Presented here is a stunning sterling silver manatee pendant covered in brilliant crystals.

Here on the west coast of Florida the Manatee is a common sighting in our rivers and canals and along our marshy coastal areas. Being herbivores these gentle giants can be seen quietly munching on saltwater and freshwater plants. Massive in size an adult manatee can reach 13 feet long and up to 1,200 pounds. Their paddle-like flippers allow this aquatic mammal to move slowly in search of food.

The manatee is a symbol of calm, trust, non-violence and tranquility to name a few and it’s message is one most of us can relate to. It is: Slow Down and enjoy the simple things life has to offer!

Hallmarked in the Dublin Assay Office the Ocean Collection continues to amaze with new and dazzling pieces.

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