Lucky Black Bog Cat from Black Bog Turf Collection

Lucky Black Bog Cat from Black Bog Turf Collection


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Handcrafted in Ireland turf has been excavated and processed to create a unique range of turf ornaments. You have to admit that this piece has a unique richness about it. Although carded this cat will stand on it’s own. The story of the Black Bog Cat is on the back of the card. Here it is…………… Ireland’s bogland was once home to the much sought after black bog cat which was said to roam the vast bogland near the shores of Lough Neagh. It was larger than the usual cat and lived on insects and small animals, and was said to bring luck and great wealth and happiness to those whose path it crossed. Similar stories are told about a large black cat seen in the boglands in midland Ireland and with its intelligent cunningness always evaded capture. Hope that this lucky cat will bring a little luck and happiness into your home. 3.25″H

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