Saint Brigid’s Cross Irish Turf Craft Black Bog Collection

Saint Brigid’s Cross Irish Turf Craft Black Bog Collection


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5,000 Years ago in Ireland, the Great Elk wandered through the forests and mountains, it was a land of sweeping mists, gentle rain and soft sunlight. A land of pagan carvings and mysterious rituals. A land where the soothing lilt of the harp floated over cool, clear crystal lakes and rivers. It was the time of Cu Chulainn and Queen Maeve and the Red Branch Knights. This was indeed the Celtic Twilight. Today, Island Turf Crafts have captured the very essence of  that era. Turf from that golden age has been excavated and processed to create a unique range of turf products. You have to admit that this piece has a unique richness about it. This 6″W x 6″L  As to custom the Saint Brigid’s Cross is hung above the entrance door for protection from evil and disease. Gift boxed with the meaning of the St. Brigid’s Cross and a short history of the turf is included. The perfect House Blessing!

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St. Brigid's Cross

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