Slane Abbey Cross Co. Meath Ireland

Slane Abbey Cross Co. Meath Ireland


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Above the village of Slane the first Easter fire was lit by Saint Patrick in 433 to symbolize the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. A monastery was built on the Hill of Slane in the 6th century, but little is known about it. The ruins atop the hill today are what remain of a Franciscan friary and college, having been ravaged in turn by Vikings, Normans and Cromwell’s troops. This 8.5″ x 4.25″ cross design was developed and inspired by a cross at the present-day ruins. The shamrocks, of course, are a symbol of Ireland and seem to represent “everything Irish”. The heart and the rays streaming from it represent Christ, the Light of the World. The small bosses of spirals represent spiritual growth. My favorite part of this cross, beside the shamrocks, is the Irish Blessing along the sides of the shaft. “May your blessings (down one side) outnumber the shamrocks. (down the other side)” The design is first hand carved by the artist in clay or wax and then a mold is made from the original carving. The molds are cast with a sturdy cast stone material and a strong wire loop for hanging is part of this cross. After cleaning, the cast piece goes through six steps of sealer and color that gives these crosses their distinctive color.  For hanging indoors or outdoors. Hang tag included with history and description. McHarp ………. Crosses with meaning. Handcrafted in the USA. Handmade products – No two are exactly alike, images and color may vary slightly from actual products.

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