Real Irish Penny Coin Pendant Rhodium Chain and Holder

Real Irish Penny Coin Pendant Rhodium Chain and Holder


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An authentic coin! Coin history and details are as follows. The penny (Irish: pingin) coin was the third smallest denomination of the pre-decimal Irish pound, worth 1/240 of a pound or 1/2 of a shilling. This particular version of the coin was minted between 1938 to 1968 and it ceased to be legal tender on December 31, 1971. This bronze coin is made up of 95.5% copper, 3% tin and 1.5% zinc. The obverse (front) of the coin features the Irish Harp and the date of minting. The reverse (back) of the coin was designed by the English artist Percy Metcalfe in 1928. It features a hen and five chicks and the coin’s Irish name – Pingin (penny). This rhodium plated coin holder and 28″ chain, that also has a 2″ extension, has a secure closure with a lobster claw clasp. At that closure find the little shamrock as an added detail. This rhodium plated pendant coin holder holds a real bronze Pre-Decimal Irish Penny. Comes boxed from Solvar. Looks great and wears wonderfully.

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